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June 2019, Calm Down Dear Festival, Camden People's Theatre

"I remember who made my skin crawl before I remember who made it come alive."

Inspired by pornography, Disney princesses, Hollywood stereotypes, the Leeds club scene, and a conversation with her university housemate, Hear Me Out explores concepts of womanhood from the broadly political to the deeply personal. Written over the course of three years, this spoken-word show traverses a lifelong battle for self-acceptance and autonomy.

Feldman has created a piece that is so rare and beautiful that it will give anyone who has ever felt small, ugly or unseen hope that we do have the power to create change in a world that feels completely hopeless.

—  Within Her Words


Kayla Feldman

Writer - Kayla Feldman
Director - Lucy Foster
Producer - Kayla Feldman

Producer (Advisory) - Julia Mucko

Production Photography: Lexi Clare

Hear Me Out was first performed in a fifteen-minute version as part of Herstory Feminist Theatre Festival at the Bunker Theatre in October 2017, and as part of Between Creatives at the White Post in April 2018. It was further developed into a longer show at Maiden Speech Festival in November/December 2018, where it was produced by Lexi Clare, with set design by Alice Stephenson and dramaturgical support by Alice Fitzgerald.

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